All about Google Ranking

The game rules for webmasters set by the search engines. Traditionally, work with website promotion begins with search engine optimization. Going into TOP of Google ranking is perhaps the most natural way to show the site exactly to the target audience at a time when users are looking for it.

Promotion in the net of certain two search engines – Google and Bingo. Algorithms for Google ranking are very similar. But some differences cannot be ignored.

Each search algorithm takes into account the authority of the site among other resources, reliability, security for the user, the uniqueness of the content.
The action of the Google algorithm is logical and consistent. The site appears in the inode, increases the reference mass, creates useful, unique content – goes to the TOP. For attempts to manipulate the rating (for example, the purchase of links), the site will fall under the filter.

To go to the top of Google it’s enough to work with the site systematically: regularly update the content, distribute it in social networks, work on building up the natural reference mass.

Google PageRank

Until now, the often asked question “When will Google finally deign to update PageRank?” Received the official, presumably the final answer – never!
Recently, the Corporation’s speaker of good has put an end to speculation on the topic, mentioning that the “PageRank” project is closed by the company once and for all, and at all levels. In other words, PR has ceased to be one of many factors of the site Google ranking by the search engine. Moreover, the toolbar PageRank, displayed by some browsers, will disappear in the coming weeks.

Thus, once the primary criterion of authoritative pages of the site in the eyes of Google is finally and irrevocably sent to the dump of optimizing history. This might not have happened, if not for the “cunning” webmasters and the shadow link business that they built, which significantly undermines the relevance of the issuance. According to the representative of the American search engine, the sellers of links still fall asleep to Google with thousands of letters about the resumption of the calculation of PR.

google ranking

Keywords in Google ranking 

Recommendations for effective Google ranking

It may take some time for the links to produce the desired results. Some types of links provide high ranking almost immediately, although the effect gradually disappears after a while. Here are some recommendations on the example of the already mentioned mobile phones.

As soon as there are rumors about the imminent release of the new phone, create a page that indicates its intended name and some information based on unofficial information.
When the device name becomes known, create an information box with a list of phone features. This information will quickly spread to the media. Your references will provoke a short-term peak, which is necessary for the next phase.
When the device’s output is officially announced, one of the first to introduce the press release is using the already ranked URL. Refresh this page as necessary, so that interested people go through the link, refer to this page, which continues to be ranked.

Use the same URL for the first phone model preview. You can always transfer the old content to another address if necessary, and after the translation, create a new one on the same URL.
Again, use the same URL of the page for news, pre-registration and make it available for sale.
The ranking effect will be manifested during the two most important months of sales. Once the device has lost interest, you can change the link to it and redirect the remaining links to the successor device. This will provide a starting point for new aggressive advertising.

Always monitor for predicting outbreaks of aggressive advertising. Keep track of news from the media to get fresh information. Plan in advance such advertising messages, “scroll” their life cycle. Think of related information blocks and copy all the material on one URL.

 How to improve google search ranking

You have to follow next cornerstones to achieve high positions:

  • Optimize your mobile site;
  • Make the snippet more attractive;
  • Reduce site load time;
  • Search for unnecessary queries;
  • Increase Type-in traffic.

Getting your website to the top of google

3 AdWords whales

Contextual advertising stands on three pillars: keywords, ad and a landing page. A little, right? And for success, you just need to deal with each of them.

So …

Keywords. You create a list of words for which the search engine will return your ad.
Advertisement. It appears in the results of the query when asked for the relevant keywords. Your goal is to make it public, attractive, bright and all that.
Landing. A selling page, on which a person will fall, when he clicks on your advertisement. The purpose of the landing is the conversion of visitors. Conversion can be purchase, subscription, downloading and other – each has its own. More details about landings I already told in the Guide for beginners. Be sure to study before launching your advertising in Google AdWords.