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Recently, you often hear about services to promote sites and the numerous existing studios that implement it. But the central question remains: why is this necessary and is it so important to do this? Today we want to answer these issues. For clarity, Reno SEO Agency gives an example. Let’s say that your company sells furniture. And you have a pretty good and convenient website for the audience of consumers.

What is the promotion of sites on the Internet and why is Reno SEO needed?

There is a man who wants to buy a sofa. He sits at his computer and through the search system (Google) enters the query: “Buy a SEO promotion” or “SEO Reno inexpensive.” Most likely, he will use the services of the site, which he sees on the first page in the TOP-10, maximum, the person flips through the second and third page. If your site doesn’t promote in the search engines, it will be far beyond the top 50. The buyer will not have an easy opportunity to learn about the existence and activity of your company so that you will lose potential customers. So, the promotion of the site on the Internet is a recent change of traditional advertising, which is not aimed at the entire audience without exception but only for potential buyers.

The higher your site is in the search result, the more consumers will appeal to you, and bring your money to your business.

Proper website promotion

Reno SEO Agency carries out an elaborate development of each site. This laborious process can be divided into three stages.

 Realization of the analysis of the promoted project.

  • – We investigate the target audience and the sphere of influence of our client;
  • – We study the structure and content on the site;
  • – Create a semantic core;
  • – We conduct a technical audit.

 Search engine optimization of a site – we modernize from within.

  • – Installation of analytical systems (setting priority goals: sales, ordering services);
  • – Creation of an optimal internal structure for active promotion;
  • – Development of landing pages, the formation of new sections and pages;
  • – Creation of new and improvement of existing content.

 External optimization of the site – full-fledged promotion.

  • – Multiplying the reference mass;
  • – monitoring the activity of competitors.

We continuously monitor the change in the algorithms of search engines and, by this, we regularly perform site pre-optimization. We analyze the results of our work, with further improvement and strategic correction of the promotion of your site.

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Cost of services for website development on Reno SEO company

The cost of the services we provide for each group is individual, as it is calculated depending on the competition in a particular niche. There are no standards. We come to every new project – individually and personally. Agencies offering services for promotion and optimization of sites, in recent times there has been a lot. Many of them have a beautiful website, competent managers, ready to offer you the golden mountains. We do not recommend trusting studios with an unknown reputation. After all, such advancement can not only not give any results, but more than that, it will also harm your business. Search engines may be sanctioned by the site, which will lead to an underestimation of the visibility of your site in search results, and in critical situations and to a full BAN website!

Reno SEO has been successfully operating in this market since 2011. We do not have dissatisfied customers! It’s not enough just to have a website; they need to do more. Remember the simple truth; the miser pays twice. Let your investments pay off shortly!

If the movement is life, then progress is the basis of a clean and cloudless life. It’s again about your online reputation. Undoubtedly, on the Internet, there are many favorable responses about you or your company (including those created by us). But what if they are far from the “top” of the search engines?

We have the answer to this question. Our hand is long; it can dive deep, and push out to the “surface” bright pearls, which everyone should know about. Exceptionally internal adjustment and optimization – in this way, positive and neutral information with our help goes up, while pushing out all negativity from the user’s field of vision.


Part one. How to write Reno SEO texts

“Write a book on the topic of building materials, the volume of 2000-3000 bp, use the keywords: construction sand, gravel quarry, buy, Moscow. The text should be without water, literate, exactly as planned. ” Approximately so it looks like a typical job for writing seo-text. We increase the volume to 16000-18000, and now it is the standard task for the seo-article. It seems that everything is in place, but on the way out you get … Not exactly what you expected. Banal errors, several iterations, awareness of the absolute meaninglessness of subsequent cooperation and the correction of the text by own forces. It’s not something you want to pay for, right?

Choosing a freelancer for long-term cooperation, I send him our guide to writing SEO articles and SEO-texts so that we come to a common understanding of “real text” even before the first agreement. People who are not ready for our standards are being eliminated at once, and I receive books in which I make a minimum of edits.

Reno SEO-texts are classic optimized texts, often found on the pages of online stores. For example, descriptions of the sections of the catalog in which the main key requests for promotion are “sewn up.” Often such content is partially hidden from users because the material is not selling.

What is SEO-article and how to write SEO-texts? Manual of the customer and copywriter

The rules for writing seo-texts (not oversleep) have already been outlined in many books and articles, so instead of the theory, we turn to practical examples that show errors and shortcomings.


1. Highlight keywords in the text on the page

What is Reno SEO-article and how to write SEO-texts? Manual of the customer and copywriter

Search requests are reasonable to allocate only in the document with the text, to track the use of all keys. On the promotion of bold does not affect, so it is not necessary.

2. Rewamp / excess keywords

What is SEO-article and how to write Reno SEO-texts? Manual of the customer and copywriter

Less is better but better. The text with oversampling is not only difficult to read, but it perceives negatively by search engines. Especially zealous authors threat with sanctions by Google and Yandex. The optimal number of queries is no more than two for one paragraph in five lines and one for smaller paragraphs.

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