All You Have To Know About Content Marketing

The term “content marketing” consists of two words: content  and marketing. It is necessary to understand what is primary and fundamental. Of course, for us it’s marketing. Because if we put content at the head of the table, then we narrow the whole tool to copywriting. What, in fact, is constantly happening, if you read a lot of articles on the Internet on this topic.
From the business side, marketing is the creation, promotion, provision of a product or service to customers, and managing their relationships with benefits for themselves.
If we put the consumer in the center, then marketing can be called the definition and satisfaction of some needs of our audience. That is, let it be for the benefit of itself, but the consumer, the audience – in the center. Here, business acquires such a value element; one can even say ethical, and, in fact, is a service to people 

Types of Content Marketing

What is different about content marketing from the previous formats of attracting customers and working with consumers?

Let’s look at the primary tools of content marketing and the percentage of their use in the B2B sector

As you can see from the diagram, the most popular tool: promotion by articles, SMM, blogs, Email Marketing, etc.

Is not anything new in marketing contributing to classic marketing?

In fact, content marketing uses already proven and tested tools. Then what is its novelty, it is fair to ask? Perhaps the answer to this question will be: in the approach, in the starting point, from which the way of the content to the market begins at the address “consumer”.

You can, of course, argue long and discuss what “content-marketing” is, but, in fact, it’s easier to show what content marketing is NOT.

content marketing


What is the difference between content marketing, for example:

  •  SEO, search SPAM – first of all, in that you pay for high positions in the search engine results, regardless of market conditions, c
  • сustomer typology and their real information needs;
  • from Email Marketing, from postal SPAM-of course, that consumers themselves told you their e-mail, asked to send a useful book, for example, and expect you to continue the relationship;
  • Social Media Marketing, social media SPAM – undoubtedly, that consumers themselves distribute your content and send it to friends, because it is “cool” and useful for those acquaintances who, according to them, need just now in your product;
  • from PR, mailing of press releases – first of all, what is added is the “reader’s portrait”, customer requests, web analytics, visit statistics, readings and promotion strategy.

Here, if in brief, what distinguishes content marketing from the previous forms of marketing, transformed into this or that kind of SPAM.

Perhaps the most important difference is its difference – in the look and approach to the consumer of goods. The fact that the work here begins with the study of the market, the types of customers and their needs, on which the text, photo, video

 Content Marketing strategy

Creating an incredible Content marketing Strategy

The plan begins with marketing. We analyze the current state; we look at the company’s marketing strategy in general. It includes the understanding of the product.

There are a lot of companies that can work successfully or not, but they do not have a precise formulation of their product. It happens that the same product is understood differently by the director of the company, the marketing director, and the sales director. All this leads to the fact that all three of them are working on three different projects.

That is, you need to formulate your product, which you sell. It is necessary to determine the USP, positioning, segment the audience, conduct competitive analysis, understand the motives of consumption. We need such a complete cut in marketing. If it does not exist, you need to do it. If there is, it is necessary to give it to the content-marketing expert on it further to build the work.

Then the methodology begins, which is different for all companies. Based on our experience, we have developed a precise method. But then I saw her in another company, and I was even happy about it. Because this was an indirect confirmation of the fact that my colleagues and I are on the right track.

How to do Content Marketing

Few simple pieces of advice will help you play your strategy smarter.

  1. Always schedule goals in advance.
  2. Provide potential customers with information – do not try to sell them anything.
  3. Customize the format.
  4. Address the content to the “ideal buyer”.
  5.  Find new opportunities with search statistics.